About Samantha Kohler

Passionate and Organized

Director of Operations & Marketing

Location: Port Moody

With more than 10 years of broad litigation experience and most recently providing support for all aspects of commercial litigation, Samantha decided she needed a change and wanted to join a firm committed to making a positive social impact. Inlet’s mission statement and commitment to advocating for victims of sexual misconduct really spoke to her, making the switch an easy choice.

As Inlet’s Director of Operations, Samantha is responsible for the oversight of the operational and administrative departments within the firm, including marketing. The Inlet team heavily relies on Samantha’s expertise, breadth of experience in law firm organization as well as legal procedures.

Outside of the office, Sam spends her time with her two daughters and enjoys getting outdoors, hiking, practicing yoga, breathwork and other mindfulness practices. She is also a student of trauma work healing and brings that knowledge and passion into her work showing up as a sensitive informed advocate at Inlet Law.