Wrongful Dismissal

There are only a few ways in which an employee can be lawfully dismissed:

  1. on sufficient notice;
  2. for just cause; or
  3. per the terms of a binding contractual severance provision.

Each of these issues is elaborated upon in our FAQs.

Generally speaking, almost every dismissal is a “wrongful dismissal” as that term is defined at law. Our foremost practice area is driving toward the most favourable severance package you can get.  This involves not only the top line amount, but also nuanced considerations such as tax efficiency and professional references.

The first thing your employer offers you is almost never the best deal you can get.  The first call to us is free.

In my wildest dreams I never thought I would get a package like the one Martin negotiated for me. Another lawyer told me no judge would ever award half as much!
— P.S. / A happy client bound by a confidentiality clause

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