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We are capable and fearless advocates, pursuing the results our clients want in all matters.

Our approach

The most important consideration in all cases is choosing the objective(s) toward which we will be working. Without knowing precisely what we want, there can be no legal strategy. Once you pick your destination, we can find you the most direct route to it.

Services offered

We are a full spectrum employment law firm. We have appeared in courts and tribunals from across Canada. our services

Our values

The legal profession is an honourable one, and we seek to uphold that honour with our every action. That means honouring the courts, the process and (of course) our clients.

Our firm

Martin Sheard spent eleven years at British Columbia's most well-recognized employment law firm. Martin remains close with all his former co-workers but has decided to start Inlet law with a vision of upholding the highest standards of the profession as it exists, but also forging new ground in combating workplace sexual violence in all its forms.

About Martin Sheard

Second to none.

Martin's resume is available on LinkedIn. He is one of B.C.'s most accomplished employment lawyers. He has done all kinds of things and done them well, but if you are checking this page, likely it is because you wonder whether he is the right lawyer for you.

If you want capable, fearless yet balanced advocacy, Martin is your guy.

If you want to pick a result and work toward it, if you want an advocate who really cares about your back story, your family, your problems... if you want results tailored to you then Martin is your guy.

About Navpreet Chhina


Navpreet is a second-year call to the B.C. Bar. She is a dedicated advocate who will work with you to resolve your legal matter on your own terms and as quickly as possible. In her first year of practice, she acted as co-counsel on the winning side of E.N. v. William L. Rutherford (B.C.) Limited, 2021 BCCA 62, a case that will set the stage for years to come in British Columbia on a variety of employment law issues.

Navpreet joined Inlet Employment Law in July of 2020. Before Inlet, she studied law at Thompson Rivers University. When she wasn’t in class, Navpreet volunteered for several local and national student groups, worked as a union research and communications coordinator, and served as a student clinician, providing pro bono legal advice to multi-barrier clientele on a wide range of issues.

Navpreet is very involved in every step of her clients' files, from the first phone call, to regular updates, courtroom advocacy, settlement negotiations, and resolution. She is committed to providing exceptional service to her clients through clear communication, strong advocacy, fearlessness and tenacity.

About Tanvir Sanghera

Brains and experience!

Tanvir joined Inlet after practising commercial litigation for about three years. Though her experiences were broadly positive, she wanted to re-focus her practice to take on cases with a human element.

As a fourth-year call to the bar, Tanvir has already gained experience beyond her years. She has appeared at every level of court in British Columbia, including recently prevailing at the B.C. Court of Appeal in the matter of E.N. v William L. Rutherford (B.C.) Limited.

If you want knowledgeable, honest and fearless representation, Martin is the guy. He is dedicated and efficient.
— M Gill / Satisfied former client

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